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08-Jul-2017 14:50

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Some methods include having a keylogger on their phone which transmits the keys pressed directly to you when they enter in their password.

Another method used is by sending them a phishing email.

Maybe one of your friends told you to check out a live video but only to find out that you can’t with your account, even though you’re following them.

If this is the case then they most likely added you to their “hide my story from” list.

So if you’ve taken a hiatus from Instagram, you’ll quickly get back up to date on any news once you get back.

Freak phone chat-45

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If you leave or delete a conversation, you won’t see any of their old or new messages being sent out.You get a message saying your account violated their terms of service but not specifying exactly which term you broke.All that hard work posting pictures and videos, getting a ton of followers in the process now down the drain! We have been successful in recovering many deleted Instagram accounts with Arroapp.If for some reason we are not able to re-enable your disabled account then we can at least back up and save all media that was uploaded.

The app can also save a list of all the followers you previously had and send them a custom message.

Our app has an enormous amount of features in its arsenal.